Friday, April 19, 2013

Karl Marx and the Communist Manifesto by Henry Gassner

Karl Marx, and The Unexpected Goal of Communism

Henry Gassner

It was much to my surprise that the underlying goal of communism was the complete abolition of the State and an equal society that supported the working class.  I had always previously thought that the goal of communism was in the best interests of the bourgeois, and not the proletariat.  It is quite frightening for the proletariat to realize the only way for a reform or revolution would be through the cycle that conditions for them must first become unbearable before a change can occur.  Without a strong motivation for revolution there would be no interest in starting a revolution.  This may be why communism is so widely viewed as a negative political philosophy; that the people who view it negatively must immediately be put off by the claim that things must first need to get worse.  In addition, the abolition of private property seems to be a widely unattractive condition.  In this sense I agree with Marx, that the abolition of private property can do us nothing but good.  If there was no desire for a bigger property, or to fight to maintain a current property, I think people would lead happier, less stressful lives, and coexist in peace.

After reading and analyzing Marx’s views on communism, I would say that I support the end product, however I am unsure if bourgeois dominance is a necessary step in the process.  On the other hand, I see that currently the bourgeois have made the lives of the proletariat tolerable, and in this case, secured the fact that a political revolution is not impending.  Perhaps an easier transition to a completed communist cycle would be that the proletariat elect an official who makes it their duty to abolish the social structures in society that keep us from living a happier, freer life.  However, this plan could also be faulty because as seen in the U.S.A, we may vote for the candidate we most desire, but the final say falls in the hands of the electoral college.  In closing, I am in support of Marx’s utopian vision that the working class unite and revolutionize society, and agree that by whatever struggles the working class must endure to reach this will be infinitely productive and beneficial.

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