Friday, May 3, 2013

Reading Response : Darth Vader dies in the end

Edward Sparrow
Frances DeRosa
19th century literature and culture
Darth Vader dies in the end

“The river suits your temperament Miss Tulliver”          

            Vader is father in Dutch and I could not help my self from thinking of Star Wars for a few moments I had been watching some of the 1978 Mill on the Floss series on YouTube and for some reason it has Dutch subtitles.  In this dramatized version Mrs. Tulliver’s sisters are especially hilarious. And everybody’s favorite topic of conversation is Maggie, the strange creature, but more often that not I think that the world that exists around her is much stranger.  She was quite right to be strange in her constricting society. It’s not really her fault that everybody tends to disprove of her actions.
            I honestly don’t think this story would have become so exciting in Maggie’s father did not have a problem with Mr. Wakem, the soap-opera chaos would not have ensued and hopefully more happiness for Maggie. Fathers tend to cause a lot of drama, just ask Luke Skywalker. Fathers have a great deal of stubborn pride and sometimes-ridiculous honor to protect, which can be the downfall of their families. Even so I think if this novel had been more autobiographical I would have liked it a bit more, it is fairly true to Elliot’s life but I just enjoyed reading about her reality more than her fiction. 

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