Friday, May 3, 2013

Reading Response: Tyranny and Hippie Happy

Ned Sparrow
Frances DeRosa
19th Century lit & cult

   Tyranny and Hippie Happy                              

            What are society’s limits? I remember I was once told about the philosophy of John Locke and how by entering into a society we enter into a social contract from which we cannot escape rule of law if we want to keep the freedoms we have not already sacrificed to be under the rule of law. John Stewart Mill in his essay On Liberty starts to discuss the abandon in which people use their governments. In the beginning of “civilized society” people were always ruled by one person, who most likely inherited their powers and is almost certainly of no choice of the public but even though they had this great power with which they could exercise over the individual people came to realize that they do no need a power to protect them but not necessarily a tyrant.  The public did not desire to be defenseless but the powerful also needed to be kept in check by or for liberty to exist so the governing body came to have a system of constitutional checks so could not repress their people. But it seems that symptom of government is the repression of its people.     
            I think Mill’s seems like a bit of a hippie, a democratic hippie. I don't know much about the amount of freedoms British people had in the mid nineteenth century but if Mills is pushing for more through his essay if could not have been the greatest.  When I was looking up the author it was talking about the system of utilitarianism, which when I looked that up said it was based on hedonism, which is a philosophy that pleasure is the only intrinsic good.  But saying pain is bad makes everybody sound like a five year old kid that doesn't want any more boo-boos.  There are plenty of reasons why we should root for the world’s, the happiness of individuals but not all pain is necessarily bad.  Tortured artists is a trope but I cant help but think that there are plenty of things produced through pain that also end up bring pleasure or making people more aware, say through literature or something.

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