Friday, May 10, 2013

Reading Responses

Journal #1(Frankenstein)
Morality of Frankenstein

            I find the creation story of the monster quite interesting. Frankenstein attends the college of Ingolstadt and learns everything there was to know. His curiosity leads him to try and create a human being, and when he does he rejects it. Frankenstein tries to play God but is unsuccessful, the creature was a monster. The theme here is that if you use your power and knowledge in the wrong manner there will be grave consequences. Morality plays a role here. It is immoral to attempt such acts today involving cloning or artificial gene synthesis.

Journal #2 (Frankenstein)
The Mind of A Monster

            Surprisingly, the story of Frankenstein seems to have similarities with the events unfolding now in Los Angeles regarding the manhunt for serial killer Christopher Dorner. Dorner was a member of the LAPD and was discharged. Through this rejection, he has plans for revenge and even wrote a manifesto about it. He is targeting any police officials including their immediate families. He is on the loose and officials are trying to hunt him down. He is using the skills he learned and the knowledge he possesses to carry out his evil upon his targets. Even the monster did this, and the outcome was in no way justifiable.

Journal #3 (On Liberty)
Current State of America

            Today in the United States we have a two party system that governs the people. These two parties primarily only stand for two different opinions on how to go about facing the problems in our country. We are only offered two sides because they are the establishment. Independents tend to take the partial truths of both parties but are the minority in a society of conformity to the system. We have the mainstream media that shapes “public opinion” often with propaganda. I ask how can the mainstream media measure public opinion with polls that only a very few people participate in. Mill emphasizes the importance of discussion and openness of criticism in order to discover the truth and fallacies in ones opinion. Today, we are fortunate to have technology such as the internet which allow us to partake in discussion boards with individuals throughout the world with different backgrounds and opinions. We have access to factual information that can help support our argument to make our opinion more “true.”

Journal #4 (Notes From The Underground)
A Confession

            I think each one of us can relate to the narrator at least one period of time in our life. Humans can often feel disconnected to the world around them, often feeling irritable with their relations with others, and their judgments of the society’s lack of intellectual capacity to make informed decisions. We may feel confused, and unsure of ourselves. At one point, we may have taken advantage of others. In time, we learn about ourselves and our worldview is shaped through our personal experiences and self-reflection. We come to realize that it is important to try and understand others and learn about their life’s story and emphasize with it. We become wise and step out of the state of fear, anxiety, and confusion, and finally realized how naive we once were.

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